Paula Atherill
Paula is a business management consultant with 11 years extensive and diverse experience in research & development, data monitoring, advanced analytics and statistical modelling. This experience comes from a wide variety of roles in Academia, the Education Authority and the Financial Services Industry, including Marketing and Risk.

Paula has worked with many third party suppliers and managed relationships when developing statistical models for marketing, research and risk mitigation purposes. She has also worked directly with clients to develop marketing strategies, effectively target customers and to implement and interpret the performance of on-going marketing campaigns.

"This range of applied practice has enabled me to develop a depth of analytical knowledge and strong interpersonal skills. I consider this a unique combination that allows me to help clients achieve the best business solutions as quickly as possible."

Specialising in technical project management, regression and scorecard modelling and data mining Paula has developed an extensive ability to turn data into valuable information that can be used to generate business growth and increased profits. As well as an ability to develop impressive performance monitoring reports.

"I consider myself to be an innovative thinker who is capable of delivering ideas and solutions to customers at the appropriate level, without jargon. This way the client receives an upfront and transparent service"

Paula is a qualified consultant with a degree in Statistics & Computing and a Masters in Medical Statistics. Her strengths are demonstrated in her technical skills and she has the valuable ability to see the bigger picture whilst remaining close to the detail.

"I am also undertaking a Performance Coaching Diploma to enhance client relationships and to offer structured support to those clients wanting to recognise or achieve their own specific goals. Coaching is a powerful technique that can help you achieve these goals much quicker than if you were to do it alone."